“Let’s go, master!》 Twenty thousand driver variety show as the protagonist
Master Sun Wanli and his daughter shared happiness on stage.Da Zhangwei and the driver master performed the show in cooperation.  The variety show “Let’s go, master!” Produced by Didi Orange Media and iQiyi》 Use the “Civilian Draft” to let the ride-hailing drivers show their real lives.On this stage, the masters put down the steering wheel, picked up the microphone, acrobatics, bicycles, yo-yo. Every ordinary driver master has the opportunity to dream.The discussion of hot topics such as “Secretary Relations” and “Female Drivers” also made more people pay attention to the story behind the online car-hailing industry.  A few days ago, “Let’s go, Master!》 Officially closed, Master Sun Wanli, who was evaluated by Venus as “singing better than Wang Feng”, won the title of “National Master of the Year”.In an interview, Sun Wanli attended, “You can’t make a bad impression on everyone because of something or someone, it represents the state of the entire industry.”More than 20,000 people compete for” National Master “as the first domestic reality show that focuses on the driver of mobile travel platforms such as car-hailing, driving, taxis and tailwinds.” Let’s go, master! “”The team of” China Talent Show “is operated by Venus, Zhang Shaogang, Li Birthday and flying guests. Over 20,000 versatile and energetic driver masters sign up for the annual” National Master “title.  The master Li Lin in the show is from Harbin and is a driver of Didi.In the cold weather of minus 20 degrees Celsius in the Northeast, he often waits for three hours when he picks up a single outside. At eight or nine in the evening, it is when there is the most singles, and his dinner often consumes one o’clock the next morning.Li Lin participated in “Let’s go, Master!”》 The dream is to let the public pass through him and pay attention to the driver drivers who work hard in the ice and snow, and hope to complete the driver ‘s wish-to build a greenhouse.  Zhang Shaogang experienced being a driver who said hard work in “Let’s go, master!In “, the star needs to follow the driver to experience the order-taking life.Zhang Shaogang once went to the streets of Harbin as a master driver. “Don’t look at us when we call a driver, I think it costs more than 100 yuan a single, but in fact the time of the day is low.”Zhang Shaogang said frankly that he hopes that through this program, the public can have some new understanding of this emerging industry that is reshaping the lifestyle of the masses, as well as practitioners in this industry.””We want to understand what they are doing and thinking, how they arrange their lives, and their joys and sorrows.”In the past two years, some members of the public have some awareness of the online car-hailing platform.”Didi participated in the production of” Let’s go, Master! “》 It is hoped that through entertainment, the driver group will “present themselves”, show how they work hard for their families and for life, so that the public will have more tolerance and understanding of this industry.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhanghe