How does Acting School truly show the set ecology?
“Performance School” took a group photo.The program “Actual School” is provided by the program team to open the “playing with practice” mode. During the program, on-site teaching for actors is done on the set.The subtitle of the screenshot of the program focuses on the explanation of industry knowledge. The subtitle of the screenshot of the program focuses on the explanation of industry knowledge. Screenshots of the program February 6th “Acting School” ushered in the closing night, the script “Small Food in the Forbidden City” also ushered in the last shooting.Zhou Lula and Zheng Qiuhong won the best male and female protagonists for their outstanding performances. On the occasion of parting, several teachers also gave parting speeches for the young actors.Wu Zhenyu admits that if he feels that the “bullets” are exhausted in his future acting career, he will look back at the reserve weapons in the “Acting School”.  In the past two years, many powerful actors have “out of the circle” through acting variety shows, and such programs have gradually evolved into the touchstone of “actors”.Unlike the acting performance competitions of similar variety experts, “Performance School” deeply penetrates the Hengdian studio and creates the “play-by-play” mode, which professionally and comprehensively exposes the entire process of film and television filming. The actor’s hard work and groupThe survival of the acting is now available, and the formation of the acting school jumps to the screen, making the reality the most powerful weapon to impress the audience.Song Binghua, the person in charge of the project, admitted in an exclusive interview with Sauna and Yeewang that “Acting School” happens to want a show with real acting skills, “It can let the audience see that this is the crew, this is the so-called actor, this is whatActing, this is the so-called performance.”● Positioning to explore the real industry ecological set of actors such as the workplace.” Acting School “is positioned to survive the reality show. It also records the process of young actors learning theory and practical knowledge, and at the same time explores the real actor ecology behind the film and television industry.  In the first fixed-point assessment, Yu Zheng tailored the assessment translation for each actor.Wu Jiayi, who has a higher degree of conformity with the characters in appearance and above the same level of acting skills, unexpectedly lost to the amazing and hot acting Yoko.Zhu Yuanbing and Zhu Zhiling, who competed for the title of Zhang Dongguan, were also selected for their poor performance instead of wishing. Instead, Zhou Lula, with a wait-and-see attitude, was designated as the actor.Through the real actor survival battle, “Acting Skills” uncovered the mysterious operating rules behind the film and television industry for the audience, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the actor industry, and the cruel truth of trying to coexist with luck.  Through cruel training and testing, the ultimate goal of “Acting School” is to achieve the cultivation of young actors.From the emergence of various “problem students” during the first period of “fixing the angle with drama”, to the final assessment of the ease of self-sufficiency of the actors, “Acting School” provides every young person with ample room for growth.The self-polishing of layers of assessment and personal teaching by teachers.It is reported that after the program was broadcast, Zhou Lula, Zheng Qiuhong, Hot Eye Yoko, Wang Herun, Zheng Binbin and other potential young actors began to attract market attention.At the same time, “Performance School” also provides opportunities for shooting derivative interactive dramas. In Youku’s first multi-view interactive drama “When I Wake Up”, all the characters will appear in the textbooks in “Performance School”.  ● The curiosity of “dramatic practice” attracts audiences through performance variety, and more and more mature actors, hosts, idols, etc. surround the stage, proving the talent of performance through the interpretation of classic film and television bridges.”Performance School” scale other competitive programs, “use script to practice” to form their own characteristics, that is, the main body of the program is set to the production and shooting of “Small Food in the Forbidden City”, which is written by the author.The audience has walked into the real studio from the real film and television industry such as directors ‘directing, actors’ research scripts, group acting and supporting movies, and the whole process of actors from group formation, group formation, selection, trial play to fixed angle.In the show, the audience can even see that the Hengdian group performance will be a full day at the next stop of the scorching sun, wearing heavy costumes, rather than shoes, and other “horizontal” appearances of the beings, and at the same time put the actors in the “real works”Here, you can also allow the audience to observe the actual growth of actors in the filming of the crew through competition and assessment.  Prior to this, most of the variety shows only stayed in the show of the actor’s ability, and the production process of the film and television drama was just skipped. However, the whole process of re-establishing the group to the completion of the shooting and production was presented in the program, such asFor the first time in the variety show, the production process of fire drama, water drama, Diawia, etc. was fully disclosed, which not only placed the audience’s curiosity about the production of film and television dramas, but also made the suffering of the actors truly appear on the screen.  ● The post-production explanation helps the audience “understand the profession” and improve the audience’s aesthetic level, which is the ultimate goal of performing variety.This is fully reflected in the acting skills of the actors, and the intent of the details of the production of the show, which can also make the audience see the real industry attitude.It is reported that, in order to ensure the quality of the quality script of “Small Food in the Forbidden City”, “Actual School” invited the team of “Yanxi Raiders” to perform the whole drama production, and “China on the Tip of the Tongue” filmed the team to shoot food.The costumes used in the play and the dots used in the headwear are all made of real materials, including multiple embroidery methods such as gold embroidery, Su embroidery, Xiang embroidery, and Guangdong embroidery, as well as intangible cultural heritage such as silk, velvet, and dot embroidery.The element of embodies the ingenuity of craftsmen and outlines oriental aesthetics.In addition, the program also refers to benchmarks about Qing Dynasty historical facts and life books, and arranges the Qing Dynasty royal dining room through reasonable imagination to ensure that the shooting environment and details are truly in place. Every prop is placed with real objects, and every stitch and line is accurately reproducedThe process of fine polishing of the fine film and television drama “Short Section”.  In the part of professional explanation, “Acting School” also based on the professional presentation, through the conversion design, the professional knowledge was dismantled in a simple and detailed way.For example, in the past, the audience’s appreciation of acting usually relied on the commentary of the instructor. The Acting School used multiple actors to appear in the same act, flying guest performance demonstrations, and film and television assessments to assist the audience in appreciating the performance.Performance tips can also be seen everywhere in the show, and later tips in white on black background, such as during the staged review of “Small Food in the Forbidden City”, the instructor will point out the advantages and disadvantages of each actor, and then the subsequent subtitles will replace the correspondingPrompt, assist the audience to pay attention to the performance details.This detailed analysis of the assessment angle, industry choices, and the specific reasons for the performance of the actors to the audience also helps the audience gradually look from the lively to the doorway.  ”Acting School” brought the actors back to the “field” field teaching and rigorously and truly presented the film and television industry. Not only did the young actors complete the inheritance of the performing arts under the guidance of their predecessors, they also achieved innovation in the model, which achieved the faction.Successfully “break the circle” in similar programs.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhanghe