2015 European Championship of Gymnastics ended, Russia won four championships and became the biggest winner
Beijing time on April 20th, the 2015 European Championships for Gymnastics ended all competitions yesterday.In terms of women’s events, Russia won three championships and became the biggest winner of this competition.In the men’s project, the United Kingdom won the champion of men’s pommel horse and men’s free exercise, becoming the only country with double crowns.The following is the specific report: Men’s all-round champion Ukrainian player Oleg this antique on April 15-19, the venue is located in Montpellier, France.In the women’s uneven bars, Russian player Dalia’s fatal score was the same as the second British player Rebecca.70 points, but overwhelmed the opponent in completing points to 0.The advantage of 233 points won the championship.The third place is from the Dutch player Sonne, her bloom is 14.20 points.The champion of the women’s balance beam is Andrea Eugenia from the United Nations, and she has a wonderful performance of 14 on this project.366 points.The British player Rebecca followed by 0 again.The small difference of 066 points failed.Third place French player Claire, she scored 14.20 points.Russian player Helenkova, who ranked first in the qualifiers, only finished sixth in the final.  In the women’s all-around game, Swiss player Julia scored 57 points.873 points won the project championship.The 2nd and 3rd Russian players Helenkova and British player Alisha have scores of 57 respectively.132 points and 56.623 points.In the women’s vaulting event, Russian player Pasekah took 15.The average score of 250 won the championship.The Swiss player Julia lost to Pasekka in the second test jump, averaging 0 points behind the first.101 points, ranked second.The third place winner was Russian player Afanasyeva, who scored 14.866 points.  In the women’s free exercise program, Russian player Afanasyeva and British player Claudia are on the same level of difficulty, with a score of 6.300 points. On the completion point, Afanasyeva scored 0.1 advantage to win.Player Julia from Switzerland 14.466 ranked third.  On the men’s side, the British pommel horse champion was won by British player Louis Smith with a score of 15.800 points.Armenian player Martini scored 2,3 with Italian player Alberto.Their scores are 15.333 points and 15.200 points.  In the men’s horizontal bar event, Croatian Moznik scored 0.The weak advantage of 067 points beat the British player Sam to win the championship.Sam takes 14.766 points ranked second, the third place was won by the German player Maras, his score was 14.666 points.In the men’s ring competition, the top four players ranked 6th in outstanding points.With 800 points, they scored the victory points.The winner of the championship was German player Petronias with a score of 15.866 points.Immediately afterwards, the two players were the same in finishing points and tied for second place.They are divided into Samir from France and Dennis from Russia.Their score is also 15.566 points.  In the men’s all-around competition, Ukrainian player Oleg won the championship in this event, and his score was 89.582 points.The runner-up was scored 88 by Russian player David.Won 131 points.The British player Daniel won the third place and his score was 87.423 points.In the men’s parallel bars event, Ukrainian Oleg took 15.866 points over Romanian rival Daniel and Swiss player Kristin won the championship.The total score of the two players is the same, 15.300 points, tied for second.  In addition, the men’s vaulting event once again appeared tied for second.Russian player Nikita took 15.The average score of 099 won the championship.Russian player Dennis and Ukrainian player Igor have the same average score of 15.The average score of 083 won the second place.  In the final men’s free exercise, British player Thomas took 15.166 points won the championship, Russian player David took 15.The runner-up was 066 points, and the Swiss player was deducted 0 for fouling.1 point, eventually 14.3rd place with 941 points.(Chen Zhiwei)