The 10 most popular workplace skills

A person’s mastery of skills depends on his interests, abilities, and cleverness, as well as the resources at his disposal and the career goals he sets.

However, given the uncertain economic prospects, it is especially important to acquire skills and skills that will help your career.

Here are the ten most popular employers’ skills announced by the U.S. Department of Labor.

  First, the ability to solve problems Every day, we have to solve some comprehensive problems in life and work.

Those who can find problems, solve problems and make effective decisions quickly will continue to heat up, and demand in the areas of business operations, management consulting, public management, science, medicine and engineering will increase sharply.

  Second, professional skills Technology has now entered all areas of human activity.

Engineering, communications, automotive, transportation, and aerospace industries require a large number of professionals who can install, debug and repair electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment.

  Third, the ability to communicate All companies are faced with the problem of how internal employees get along with each other.

The success of a company often depends on the ability of all employees to work together.

Therefore, human resources managers, personnel department officials, and management decision-making departments must try to understand the needs of staff and meet them as far as possible.

  Fourth, computer programming skills If you can use computer programming methods to meet the specific needs of some companies, then your chances of getting a job will be greatly increased.

Therefore, you need to master computer languages such as C ++, Java, HTML, Visual Basic, Unix, and SQL Server.

  Fifth, training skills Modern society produces and collects more data in one day than in ancient society for one year.

As a result, the demand for people who can train in education, community service, management coordination and business is increasing year by year.

  Sixth, science and mathematics skills. Science, medicine and engineering are making great progress every day.

The demand for science- and math-minded talent will also increase dramatically to meet the challenges in these areas.

  Seventh, financial management ability to extend the average life expectancy, everyone must carefully review their investment plans to ensure a comfortable life and source of life after retirement.

Demand for investment brokers, securities traders, retirement planners, and accountants will also continue to increase.

  8. Information management capabilities Information is the foundation of the economic system in the information age. Mastering information management capabilities is necessary in some industries.

System analysts, information technicians, database administrators, and communications engineers who have information management capabilities will be very popular.

  Nine, communicative ability in foreign languages The United States needs to import raw materials and goods from other countries, and American goods and services must be exported to the global market.

Mastering a foreign language will help you get a job offer.

The most popular foreign languages are Russian, Japanese, Chinese and German (for Chinese, mastering English pronunciation is especially important).

  X. Business Management Capabilities In the United States, business is business, and it is vital to master the methods for successfully operating a company.

The core skills in this area are personnel management, system management, resource management and financing capabilities; it should be to understand the needs of customers and quickly translate these needs into business opportunities