Mao Weining: Filmmakers do n’t take themselves too much
Director Mao Weining’s representative works: TV series “Vows Silent” 2002, TV series “Ten Send Red Army” 2014, TV series “Ordinary World” 2015, TV series “Border of Love” 2017, TV series “Old Chinese Medicine” 2019 new works: TV series”You are my city camp” (producer), the TV series “Contributions” (unit director) Mao Weining is a senior fan among the directors. He once bought several TV sets for watching the ball and did not sleep for several nights.He had a hard time imagining what life would be like without a game.However, the epidemic forced all industries to be forced to suspend the key.Football, movies, all the things he thought were indispensable, but life still continued in an orderly way.He used the three months of rest at home to watch a set of more than a dozen copies of the “Ideal Country”, and repeatedly looked back at the old classics, to obtain the restoration and nourishment of the soul.Suddenly, I lived a “desired life”. On January 21, the TV series “You Are My City Camp” produced by Mao Weining officially went viral in Sichuan.According to the original plan, the troupe would shoot after the Spring Festival, but in order to let the entertainers go home for the New Year, the crew hurriedly hurried for nearly half a month, “We are still lucky to want to come.”Mao Weining admitted.Since the outbreak, Mao Weining has been resting at home for nearly three months.This is the only time he has his own time in the past two years.During this time, he participated in two video conferences, and at the same time, he and the screenwriter Li Xiuwen (Chairman of Hubei Writers Association) trapped in Hubei promoted the script of “Hons” through WeChat.In addition, Mao Weining put aside the social, entertainment and external harassment, and returned to the “reverse work and rest” of sleeping during the day, getting up to eat in the afternoon, watching movies at night, and reading books.”Old Chinese Medicine” set photo.”This is the life I always wanted.”Mao Weining said with a smile.In the past two years, the pace of work has accelerated. Whether reading a book or enjoying a movie, there is “utility”.For example, before shooting “The Frontier of Love”, Mao Weining read many works of Sino-Russian relations of the last century, as well as films related to emotions; when shooting “Old Chinese Medicine”, Mao Weining spent all his time in the field of Chinese medicine.”Actually, I especially want to go to a book and watch a movie in a quiet state.During the day you have to play many roles, you will see the circle of friends, there will be information, the phone will distract you, only at night no one disturbs you, you can enjoy the world purely.It couldn’t be done before.”The epidemic has closed the world and everyone is isolated in their own space, but in fact we have the opportunity to feel and realize ourselves.”This is also something we did not dare to think about in an open social environment.”The film and television industry will no longer take themselves too seriously when the SARS outbreak occurred in 2003, Mao Weining was filming the TV series” Plum Blossom Archive “.Fortunately, the SARS epidemic was so severe that it must be isolated until the drama was successful; but the difference is that the impact of SARS on the film and television industry is not great.At that time, the film and television industry was still at the primary level, the number of works was not large, the market pressure was small, and the speed of operation was not as fast as today.Today, the industry has expanded dozens of times than it was seventeen years ago. There are more and more employees, and film and television works and actors have also penetrated into all aspects of society through various methods.”It also caused the industry to take itself too seriously.”” Wei Weining said metaphorically that he is a senior fan. He once bought several TV sets for watching the ball and did not sleep for several consecutive nights.He had a hard time imagining what life would be like without a game.However, the epidemic caused football, movies, and other things that he thought to be indispensable to be taken away, but life still continued in an orderly manner.This phenomenon is helpful for the film and television industry to review its role and level. I believe that after the epidemic, the film and television industry will not take itself too seriously.Regarding the works after the end of the epidemic, Mao Weining admitted that he might not consider creating anti-epidemic stories in a short time. As a major event worldwide, the content that can be dug behind the epidemic still needs to be better precipitated and reflected.But the epidemic situation does indeed cause some creators to produce new creation essays. “After that, this life has given people around the world too many new life experiences and life perceptions, which will be reflected to a certain extent in our future creations that express life.[Inspiration]Mao Weining admitted that in recent years, the film and television industry has been too restless, and there have been a lot of crude manufacturing after capital has intervened in the work.Now that the epidemic has forced everyone to stop, the capital will be worse, but it will help the creators to calm down.”Actors don’t need to rush for quick gains, they don’t have to be busy to roll through several plays, and the audience can see it without you.I believe that after returning to normal, everyone will cherish this industry more and know how to precipitate themselves.”During the epidemic, Mao Weining finished reading a set of more than a dozen books of” Ideal Country “. This set of books has been dust-covered for a long time, and he has been waiting for it to be read freely.He also reviewed many classic movies, such as “The Godfather” and “The Irishman” and other old films by director Martin Scorsese.In the past, he always took the time to analyze and observe the director’s shooting techniques and actors’ performance skills, but this time with more time, he returned to the ideology of the work and the excavation of human nature through repeated appreciation.-Mao Weining talks about recent reading and watching the sauna, and the editor of the night net Zhang He, Tong Na proofreads Wei Zhuo for more reports.