There are coups to keep your skin fresh

It is vivid to call the young people who have just entered the society “fresh people”.
However, the age of youth must face the troubles of youth. How can the endless oil shine on the face keep people fresh, so I see that fresh people create a fresh and pleasant face for themselves before meeting the new challenges of life and career.Cleansed faces should be their first challenge.
The survey shows that more than half of young people aged 15 to 25 have oily and mixed skin.
Oily skin is characterized by easy to glow skin, large pores, and acne; mixed skin also has the same problem, but the problem is mainly concentrated in the T-shaped area (forehead, nose and chin), while the cheeks are neutral or evenDry skin.
This kind of skin doesn’t always feel that kind of “fresh” even if it is makeup.
However, as a natural lubricant and protective umbrella for the skin, proper oil secretion can alleviate the damage to the skin and wrinkles caused by sunlight. Therefore, what we want to do now is not to eliminate oil but to control the phenomenon of oil production to perfection.status.
   基础护理   也许你在更年轻的时候根本不用讲究皮肤的所谓基础护理,水灵灵的皮肤就自然呈现,但是,如果你现在还不开始养成对皮肤进行完整的基础护理的习惯的话,皮肤便No longer obedient.
 Cleansing-The preferred gel cleanser Thoroughly cleaning the skin is the first step to improve the shine.
In the morning, our skin does not have the problem of makeup removal. Therefore, those seemingly transparent cleansing lotions are the first choice for oily skin.
Similarly, oily skin also eliminates soapy products. Only mild properties will not irritate the skin and cause abnormal oil secretion while removing oil.
Of course, try cleansing gels containing mild AHA ingredients, such as Biotherm’s cleansing gels, which clean the epidermis while removing other unclean substances on the face, which will not keep your face slippery.It doesn’t feel clean.
 Toner——Products containing oil-absorbing particles are preferred. Toners after cleansing are more important for oily skin. Suitable toners can gently cleanse thoroughly and reduce the pressure of keratinocytes on skin metabolism.
At the same time, because many oil-controlling toners contain oil-absorbing particles like silicate, those powdered and liquid toners on the market are such products, which can complete the dual power of cleansing and oil control.
   润肤――所选的产品要不含油脂   对油性皮肤而言,润肤的过程更应该是保持皮肤的水分和油脂平衡的过程,特别是在夏天,油脂分泌更加旺盛,它同时也带A large amount of water causes the skin to become oily and dehydrated. Small acne is the most suitable for this kind of skin. Therefore, the emollients suitable for oily skin should first be 100% free of oil. Some trace elements such as zinc and copper can beTo balance sebum secretion, supplementation is also needed.
In Biotherm Cleansing Emulsion SPF15, the UV (SPF15) filtering component is strengthened, and vitamin E, which protects the skin from free radicals, is more suitable for summer use.
 Daytime oil control It is not easy to make your skin “oil-free” all day long, but it wo n’t bother you to form a habit.
 sun protection-to choose a refreshing type, those who contain oil-controlling ingredients are the best 是 UV is the biggest killer of the skin, even oily skin will also be damaged due to ultraviolet rays, resulting in reduced skin moisturizing ability, premature wrinkles.
However, it should be noted that most sunscreens are greasy, and oily skin requires sunscreens that are refreshing and even contain oil-controlling ingredients to achieve sun protection.
For example, Kanebo’s water-based formula, SPF25-PA ++, contains oil-controlling powder, and SK-II clear sunscreen uses a special non-greasy formula to reduce excess oil on the face. It is good for fresh people who are afraid of
   吸油――随身常备吸油纸   对于油性皮肤而言,洗脸的次数并不是越多越好,随身携带吸油纸就可以发挥作用了,和洁面同样的道理,吸油纸也应当在需要的时候吸取浮The oil on the epidermis is enough. Excessive oil absorption will increase the secretion of oil.
The smooth oil-absorbing paper on both sides can be used on both sides.
A layer of powdered absorbent paper should be used on the slippery side.
Gently pressing is the correct way to use the oil-absorbing facial tissue. It starts with the T-shaped part (eyebrow → nose → forehead) where oil is most easily released, and then gradually moves to the cheek to remove excess oil.
Strong pressure and application may damage the skin and touch the normal sebum film.
  补妆――两用粉饼是法宝   脱妆是油性皮肤不可避免的问题,包中的两用粉饼则成为绝不能少的抗油法宝,含有极细的植物粉末的粉饼其实依然可以让毛孔自由地Breathing, of course, no matter how busy Sister Oil is, she must take the time to clean the sponge in the powder. Only the dirt on the sponge is the reason for the pores to be blocked.
It is better to use a light pressure when using, so that the makeup will be clean and fresh.
 When you have ample time, giving the skin a thorough oil control maintenance is the key to essentially adjusting the oily state of the skin. After the skin’s pH, moisturizing ability and metabolic function reach a healthy state, excessive shine will not be reproducedAlready.
Whether it is using a fat-removing exfoliating cream containing hydroxy acid or a fat-removing conditioning mask that suppresses sebum secretion to thoroughly cleanse the skin, or insist on using a fat-removing night cream to allow skin cells to automatically recover to a healthy state in the proper growth environment, theseAlthough special conditioning care is a bit time-consuming and time-consuming for busy fresh people, it is a catalyst for the oily skin’s water-based “preservation”.