Sleeping pose

Do you take proper posture when you are asleep?


Place your hands near your head or hair.


Place your side sleeping hands near your thighs.


Face up and hands crossed.


Like to grab the quilt with your hand.

  Answer: Choice A: You are a perfect flirt. You have a lot of research on the psychology of the opposite sex and can master the emotions of the other person. Therefore, women think you are considerate and willing to stay with you for a lifetime, and warn you not to play with your life, otherwiseAs you grow older, you only deserve flirting.

Choice B: You are a typical white horse prince, pure and kind in heart, and you will not be easily tempted without meeting Snow White in your mind, so your rare “loyalty” in the world is not suitable for “flirting”.
Choice C: Basically, you are a gentle and shy lover. You don’t show your inner emotions very much. You are a layman for “flirting”, but because of your sincere personality, many girls like you.

Choice D: You probably think you are a flirt!

How many beautiful and beautiful women are around you, but these are all false appearances, because the red powder next to you now knows that they have plans to spread their wings and fly high.