Women’s physique negative moxibustion health care is most suitable

Moxibustion is a long-established method of health care and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Although the theory of moxibustion is still difficult to explain with scientific viewpoints, the cure of moxibustion is not in doubt.

Maybe you still do n’t know much about moxibustion. Below, I will introduce the principles of traditional Chinese medicine for moxibustion and the method of family use of moxa.

  Women’s constitution is negative, and they are susceptible to cold and cold.

And if the four important acupuncture points on the body are often used, the Qi and blood in the female body can be quickly replenished, so that the Qi and blood can be reached, the body can be relaxed, and various functional organs can function normally.

At this time, the beauty of the appearance can only be said to be a benign by-product.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people can live and thrive without blood and qi. They can use blood to qi, use blood to nourish qi, and balance yin and yang.

Women’s constitution is negative, and they are susceptible to cold and cold.
After the cold evil enters the body, the yang that is not much in the female body is consumed, resulting in poor blood circulation and no viscera.

  While wormwood is purely positive, it can quickly replenish the yang in the human body, making it too bloody and exuding vitality and charm from the inside to the outside.

It can be said that women and wormwood are born to be a pair.

According to medical records, the Dragon Boat Festival that everyone is approaching is also known as “Women’s Day”. Every year on Dragon Boat Festival, women have to pick wormwood and bathe in wormwood soup, which can prolong their life and beauty.

  At the same time, Dragon Boat Festival is the time when the wormwood grows most and the medicine is the strongest.

The fresh wormwood picked at this time has a very strong effect, which is also the real reason why the Chinese nation has adopted “picking ai” as a way to celebrate the festival.