Three critical periods for women’s mental health

Perinatal depression: Prenatal depression shouldn’t belittle Zhang Yi, who works at an electronic trading company in Guangzhou, is working hard for overtime and earning performance. He doesn’t dare to care, at this time the doctor told her she was pregnant.

After hearing the news, Zhang Yi, 29, couldn’t be happier.

Career opportunities and motherhood opportunities make it difficult for her to understand choice.

With her husband’s strong persuasion, although she made up her mind to have a baby, she always had trouble in her heart. She was afraid that if she could not be promoted in the company, she would be left out by her boss because she was pregnant.Thinking of the hardships of raising and maintaining health, Zhang Yi couldn’t control her imagination, and gradually worsened her anxiety, causing depression and premature depression.

  Prenatal and postnatal depression are collectively referred to as “perinatal depression.”

Many people know about “prenatal depression”, but little is known about “prenatal depression” and its severity.

Zhang Xuefang said that the dangers of prenatal depression are far greater than postpartum depression. Women of childbearing age are susceptible to mental illness. If women with poor ability to regulate are not properly taken care of at this time, they are prone to depression due to excessive psychological stress., Mania and other mental symptoms, in severe cases even cause harm to themselves, such as self-harm, suicide, etc., affecting the life of the fetus.

Therefore, from the time of pregnancy, women should adjust psychologically and change roles.

  At the same time, we must maintain a relaxed mood, pay attention to a balanced diet, take more rest, learn more about pregnancy health care from a doctor, a married person or a book, and have a comprehensive understanding of your physical and emotional appearance.

Of course, the care and care of the family is very important, let alone the pressure on the pregnant woman with the patriarchal mind.