Wu Lei reveals details of meeting Li Tie, saying that the biggest gain of Liuyang is confidence
Wu Lei and Li Tie met.Figure / Social Media News from Beijing News Chinese player Wu Lei shares his short story about staying abroad through “Wu Lei Weekly” every week.Tonight, Wu Lei updated the weekly diary, highlighting Li Tie’s visit, and told Wu Lei that language and persistence are important.In addition, after staying abroad for more than a year, Wu Lei said that the biggest gain is self-confidence.Wu Lei revealed the details of meeting Li Tie. There was also an episode in the middle of the appointment: “We made an appointment to meet after the Wolves game. As a result, I happened to be drawn to a urine test that day. The water consumption of the game was already large. I was almostI drank 5 bottles of water and waited for a long time before leaving enough samples for the demand, so that Director Li waited a long time.”In the chat, Li Tie said that he gave up a lot of domestic things and insisted on going to the UK, and insisted on it, and told Wu Lei that language is very important.”In order to help him get through the language barrier, his head coach drove his interpreter out of the training ground directly. In this case, he had to catch up with the language class after training every week.It is precisely this persecution that has brought about more rapid growth.”Wu Lei tenon.Wu Lei said frankly, these things seem to be easy now, but when the network and smartphones were not available at the time, the difficulties faced by these pioneers must have greatly exceeded him.”These difficulties, these resonances, will be the wealth that will last us the most in our lives.”To show myself, Wu Lei said that the biggest gain is self-confidence:” After coming to Europe, the biggest gain is more self-confidence, proving that the Chinese can also play confident in the five major leagues.So I hope the fans can grow up with me too, and use generosity and self-confidence to let the world know about Chinese football.”Editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Xue Jingning