Improve hair loss from your lifestyle

Faced with hair loss, everyone is anxious, not only affects normal life, but also damages the image at work.

In real life, many people have troubles with hair loss. In fact, some small lifestyle habits can improve hair loss. Try it out.

  Regarding shampoo: First, choose shampoos that are scentless and colorless.

A large number of shampoos on the market contain synthetic surfactants, which have strong detergency, but are easy to hurt the scalp.

It is best to add weak acidic shampoo without additives such as pigments, fragrances, preservatives, etc. to reduce irritation to the scalp.

  Before shampooing, do not apply shampoo directly to the hair, first comb the hair and the dirt between the scalp (this will reduce the amount of shampoo used), then pour the shampoo on the palm to polish the rich foam, thenThen apply it to the hair.

  Dry your hair as soon as possible after shampooing, as wet hair can easily breed bacteria.

You can use a hair dryer. Use the hair dryer 20-30 cm away from the hair, and do not repeatedly blow into a place.

When the hot air blows to 70% to 80%, it is necessary to switch to cold air blow, which is conducive to protecting the scalp and styling.

  Regarding maintenance: Massage can relax the scalp.

Massaging the scalp can help relax and promote blood circulation, thereby preventing hair loss.

Use fingertips to massage the entire scalp from side to side for at least 15-20 minutes.

  Go to bed before 11pm.

From 10pm to 2am, the metabolism of hair mother cells is active, which is the “golden period” for hair growth.

It is difficult for everyone to fall asleep before 10pm, but it is feasible to sleep before 11pm.

  About diet: You should eat more tomatoes and citrus to supplement vitamins, especially those who cannot quit smoking, because smoking affects the scalp blood circulation and is not good for hair growth.

Overeating, partial eating, and fast food are not good for hair health.

Keep fasting before going to bed, otherwise it will affect blood circulation and accelerate hair loss.