Inspiration from Jay Chou’s Fang Wenshan’s cooperation with Xueyou Zhang: Charity songs must also have quality
Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in January, in addition to the frontline where medical staff are desperately fighting, it has become an important frontline for us ordinary people to keep themselves isolated at home.With the increase of isolation time, the whole society has entered a period of unprecedented spiritual life.In view of the fact that the shooting of film and television variety shows has become increasingly difficult due to the impact of the epidemic, music as an easier-to-produce and more conducive art form has become an extremely important content supply in this epidemic.>>> “Wuhan Ya” and the song of Lin Junjie and Sun Yanzi, why can they comfort the people in the epidemic from Wuhan musician “Wuhan Ya”, Lin Junjie and Sun Yanzi “Stay With You”, and Hua Chenyu’s “You have to believe this is not”The Last Day”, as well as the creations of Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan that have been online recently, and “The Passing of the Storm” sung by Jacky Cheung have already produced many touching “anti-epidemic songs”.But at the same time, we can also observe that the production of “anti-epidemic songs” has formed a social atmosphere. In addition to some excellent works that are heart-warming, a large number of these songs are full of rough traces of work, or they have a song of praise and entrainment.The situation of private goods.Unable to move people’s hearts and not to say, it also made the act of creating epidemic prevention songs itself a weird carnival, and even some people took advantage of disasters to elevate themselves.So, what standards exist for the production of social welfare music, so that we can tell whether this song is worth listening to?The author believes that a good public welfare song should have the following three qualities: 1.The influence of the singer; 2.A true and sincere attitude; 3.Above average music level.Take “Waiting for Wind and Rain” as an example.First of all, this song was created by Jay Chou and old partner Fang Wenshan, and sung by Jacky Cheung. This has the foundation of influence that a public welfare song should have.The paradox of making songs for epidemic prevention is that due to the huge influence of the epidemic situation, it also attracted a lot of attention. If the singer is not well-known, it is easy to cause doubts about “rubbing disaster fever”.This is one of the reasons why most of the well-known public welfare songs in history, such as “A Family of Four Seas”, need an industry superstar (such as Michael Jackson) to take the lead and bring together a luxurious lineup.Song MV screenshot.Secondly, the words “Waiting for the Passing of Rain and Rain” set aside those vocabulary words from the perspective of people, and from the perspective of people, and mobilize the words from their true feelings, they can make the listeners feel the same.On the contrary, if someone who has never been to Wuhan mentions cherry blossoms and Wuchang fish in the song, or repeatedly shouts the slogan “Wuhan refueling”, I am afraid its persuasion will be greatly reduced.Fang Wenshan did not use these specific images, but also discarded the vocabulary stack that he has always been good at. Instead, starting from the mood that everyone may experience, making “Waiting through the Rain” sounds sincere and moving.The third is the level.Although this song may not reflect the highest standards of Jay Chou, Fang Wenshan, and Jacky Cheung, but they can use their skills above the pass line to become a guarantee for a good work. This level of singing directly determines the impact of the work.Depth and breadth.Many singers of so-called public welfare songs may also have a sincere heart, but because of the short time or the limited level, the final product is not good.If the level is not enough, it can’t talk about the positive impact on people, let alone the word “public welfare”.The appeal of public welfare songs has a positive impact on society, which makes it actually have higher requirements than popular songs that are simply entertainment.If it’s just to join in the fun and give yourself gold, or with good intentions but not enough singing ability, then it is really unnecessary.”Do I have piety and awe?Do I really care?Can I write a good song?”This is probably what every musician who wants to contribute can think about.□ You Zuo (music critic) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen Proofreading Zhao Lin