30 beautiful women must encounter beautiful problems

Are you almost 30 years old?

Have you noticed that the skin has started to have problems: getting dry, dull, sagging, wrinkles, stains, and adult acne?

Don’t panic. In fact, women’s metabolism starts to slow down at the age of 30, and delicate maintenance can help you solve skin problems.

  Beauty Problem 1: Causes of Relaxation and Wrinkles: As hormones change in women, the skin’s metabolism cycle gradually slows down, and the internal collagen and elastic fibers decrease in elasticity and toughness.wrinkle.

  Solution: Eat and sleep to restore skin vitality1.

In terms of diet: pay attention to eat more collagen-rich foods, such as edible meat and skin foods.


In daily life: Pay attention to sun protection, stay up late, and get enough sleep.


When choosing cosmetics: select some functional skin care products that deeply replenish and contain collagen to accelerate skin metabolism and promote cell renewal.

  Beauty problem 2: The skin is dull and defective. Causes: Due to the slow metabolism of the skin, some toxins inside the skin cannot be eliminated, causing acne and facial blisters. In fact, this is a inflammation of the hair follicles, because the hair follicles collect the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands.
, Thickening the stratum corneum of the hair follicle, narrowing the hair follicle mouth, so that the normal secretion and excretion of oil is affected, causing various symptoms.

  Solution: Gentle conditioning to avoid irritation1.

In terms of diet: pay attention to nutritional balance. You can improve gastrointestinal and liver dysfunction by eating foods containing protein, lecithin, vitamin E and other foods.

And pay less attention to smoking, drinking, eating fried, pickled foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, milk and other foods.


In daily life: can not abuse drugs, should be supplemented with mild professional skin care products, and maintain redundant sleep, do not stay up all night, relax the mood is necessary for self-regulation.

The proper amount of vitamin B supplementation can integrate the role of soothing the nervous system.


When choosing cosmetics: pay attention to clean the skin, and use some products that have a mediating effect on oily skin. Pay attention to the acne and facial pimples that have appeared, and keep the sore surface hygienic. It is recommended to use some antibacterial and anti-inflammatory products.

  Beauty problem 3: Causes of facial stains: When outdoors, excessive UV rays produce stains.

Surgery using ordinary chemical methods or lasers can cause injuries and leave scars.

As you age, endocrine disorders produce pigmented spots.

  Solution: Double repair both inside and outside to avoid pigmentation1.

In terms of diet: should be moderate, and eat less food that can cause pigmentation.

Ingest more foods with various vitamins, especially vitamin C, because it can inhibit pigment secretion.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

If you can use vitamin capsules not only for beauty, but also for your body.


In daily life: Maintain a good schedule and pay attention to sun protection throughout the year and avoid direct sunlight.


When choosing cosmetics: choose some professional freckle products and whitening products.